Religion has a tremendous impact on our daily lives. And it explains a lot of our actions, reactions and societal behavior. This dashboard aims to give you insights and information on the effect of religion on daily life.

A team of international analysts work on this dashboard. We strive to digest a few hundred articles per month. We don't pretend to be complete, we strive to inform, instead of have an own opinion. You can select on topic, timeframe, and country. And, when you make your own account, you can compile your own newsletter, get automated updates, save searches, increase timeframe, etc.

All articles included in the dashboard are based on our analysts’ findings. Please note that not all countries and topics are equally covered. Therefore, the tables and graphs found below are based on the information included in the dashboard only.

We hope you enjoy our work. And please note: the copyrights of all sources are owned by the source, not by us.
Our analysts add a substantial number of new articles to the dashboard every day, as this keeps the dashboard up to date and relevant. Through our digest service, we can deliver an overview of newly added articles to your mailbox automatically.
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EARS, the European Academy on Religion and Society, is a European network of departments and faculties of Theology and/or Religious Studies. The participating universities and their theologians seek to make their knowledge visible to society and relevant for the public domain. Please visit the website if you are interested in learning more about EARS.